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What does midstride do?

Full Stack

Need it built right the first time?

Whether you are looking to build a web site, custom application, or a customized integration with a service, we can help you!

  • User Story Discovery
  • UI Prototypes
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Mockups
  • Web Development
  • WordPress / Static Pages
  • Hosting

Do you have a startup in the works requiring technical assistance?

Midstride has deep experience working with startups and works closely with the founder(s). We can walk you through the process, assist with technical hiring, and get in the trenches building your idea.

We use proven strategies & techniques from the lean startup, business model canvas and value proposition design*.
*These aren't just buzz words. Click the links to find out more!

  • SWOT
  • Business Modeling
  • Customer Profiling
  • Design Prototypes
  • Technical Management
  • Full Stack Development
  • KPI Reports

Do you need help or support with your existing website or application?

We provide on going maintenance & support for a wide array of clients & projects. Feel free to test the waters on an hourly basis before deciding on a long term relationship. If it's web & tech relate we can help you!

  • Hosting Transfers
  • Web Updates
  • Code Audits
  • Database Exports

Our costs are transparent.

Who is midstride?

Andre Liem

Andre has a combination of full stack web development, design and technical management experience building custom web software for small businesses, digital agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Having extensive experience with startups, he has a passion for running projects lean and on time and having 2 cups of double shot americanos every day.

Co-Founder • Development & Design
Adrian Liem

Adrian has worn nearly every hat in the digital design and development process and has extensive experience in user experience, web analytics, and digital product management with a particular expertise in implementing industry best practices in large, complex organizational environments. He also thinks chips should be their own food group.

Co-Founder • User Experience & Production